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    Our Goal

    SolarProsEnergy aims to serve the Spring, TX, The Woodlands, TX, and surrounding areas by providing solar systems to local homeowners. We strive for expert installation which is why we partner with one of the best in the business. Our partner has received multiple awards and accreditations, including an “A” accreditations from the Better Business Bureau. We look forward to making connections with local homeowners who are excited to get started using solar energy to lower their electricity bills, take more control of their energy independence, and contribute to using cleaner energy. We know this can be an overwhelming process, which is why we try to give our customers the resources and knowledge they need to make the decision that is best for their household. Below, we have included common benefits to using solar, common questions, and information as to what SolarProsEnergy can do for you.

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    Energy Savings

    Converting your home to solar will allow you to stop renting power and spend less each month. Our customers in Spring, TX are realizing yearly utility cost savings. Converting your home to solar will save you a ton of money!​

    Energy Independence

    Make the decision to own your own solar power plant. Stop paying your utility provider rent. Most utility companies will purchase back what you create, saving you money on your monthly power bill.


    Solar energy is good for the environment and provides us with clean energy. Why not generate your own renewable energy and leave a legacy for future generations?

    Building Equity

    Houses with solar panels are more likely to sell quickly and for a higher price. You'll deserve it after all the hard work of selling a house. Developers have even started to construct homes with solar panels already installed in the aim of attracting new homeowners.

    Why Choose Us

    Quality Work

    We set out to assist homeowners all around Texas benefit from the advantages of solar energy from the start. Our expertise extends beyond the design and construction of solar systems to the establishment of a long-term mutually beneficial connection between our clients and our business. We aim to provide our customers the tools they need to take charge of their energy future.

    High Tech Equipment

    We believe in the solar equipment we offer and the job we do. We provide the greatest WARRANTY and GUARANTEES available. SolarProsEnergy partners with industry leading solar panel manufactures that are built and installed to last much longer. As a result, we're ready to stand behind our products, because we want you to be perfectly satisfied.

    optimized savings

    SolarProsEnergy is the ideal alternative for permanently reducing excessive electric bills. With this rising energy leader, homeowners can now simply have solar panels installed at their homes. Say goodbye to expensive electricity bills! Rather than renting energy at the exorbitant amount their present energy supplier charges, homeowners may own it and generate their own power using solar.


    tesla power wall install outside spring tx

    When you go solar, you will be creating your own clean solar energy for your home. When your solar panels catch too much energy for your home to consume during peak hours of sunshine, the remainder of the energy is wasted. This is a concern, especially for people who use more energy at night. What is the solution?

    A solar panel battery, you guessed it.

    A battery storage system not only keeps your home running at night, but it also keeps your home operating during a power outage.

    Solar batteries are a terrific investment, and the cost of solar batteries has dropped by 90% in the last decade, making them an accessible choice for many individuals.


    During the day, the solar panels capture sunlight and feed extra energy back into the power grid, causing your utility meter to spin backwards. Then, when you consume energy at night, it will spin ahead. Every month, the utility meter calculates how much energy is generated and consumed using a mechanism known as net metering. Net metering enables you to fully utilize your home solar system.

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    Benefits of Solar Power

    It lowers your electric bill.

    Most Texas electric utility providers provide a one-to-one credit for every kwH generated and utilized. This is known as net metering. You've probably heard the expression "make hay while the sun shines." We can work with you to develop a system that generates enough energy in the warmer months to cover more than your needs. Your utility supplier uses the excess energy and provides you credits to use when the sun isn't shining.

    It allows you to save money.

    In Texas, a home system often pays for itself in 5 years or less. A business-owned system is much faster, typically taking three years or less. When your system is paid off, the money you used to spend on energy is now in your pocket! Did we mention that the panels have a 25-year lifespan? Adding solar to your house or company is a wise investment.

    Tax Breaks and Incentives from the Government

    Solar energy has never been cheaper. In Texas, we benefit from a federal tax cut of 26% on residential units. Businesses benefit from the fact that your solar system is depreciable. The usual payback time for a home installation is less than 5 years, and less than 3 years for a commercial installation.

    Lowers the Carbon Footprint

    Solar energy is a feasible approach for reducing the waste products produced by fossil fuel-based energy sources. It is both renewable and cost-effective.

    Increases the United States' energy independence

    The more solar electricity we create, the less we rely on foreign oil and the closer we are to national energy independence.

    So what are you wating for?

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